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3 Key Secrets about talking to prospects

3 Key Secrets about Successful Prospecting

Being a powerful Prospector is a key factor in building a successful home based business so today I want to share with you 3 Key Secrets about Successful Prospecting that can help you dramatically increase your results.

Home based business dreamer

Are you Home Based Business dreamer?

Are you a home based business dreamer or achiever? What is your dream for your home based business? Do you have a clear vision of that dream? Nothing is every achieved in life without first having a vision of what you want. And that vision must be very clear. 

Establish your target market

Personal Branding in home based business – How to Establish your target market

In my last post I covered the basics about what personal branding is in home based business. There are a couple of things you need to do before you start creating your brand and putting yourself out there on Social Media or Youtube or whatever your chosen platform is. There is a great temptation to try and […]

Personal branding in Home Based Business

What is Personal Branding in Home Based Business?

There is so much Buzz and Hype about the importance of Personal Branding in Home Based Business, it really has be become one the most talked about and misunderstood topics, post after post, Video after Video people are telling you, you must build a person brand to be really successful in the Industry. You must build […]

How to talk to leads about a home based business

How to talk to leads about a Home based Business

The number one mistake people make when they start is not learning how to talk to leads about a home based business, they do way to  much talking and not enough listening. It’s kind of easy to get caught up with the excitement of your business and it’s potential and it’s natural that you want to share that with anyone […]